Technical Consultancy

Technical Consultancy

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

We provide technical consultancy and management services, collaborating with project teams to create exceptional results.

Integrating technology and media based projects into the built world requires an experienced and specialist consultant to collaborate with the more traditional construction disciplines.

Our lead consultants support every phase of a project with practical leadership, helping steer the project through design, procurement, delivery and commissioning.

We will also support the operations teams, helping them understand the resources, training, operational and maintenance requirements for their new asset.

Design Management
Integrated into the wider consultant team in order to lead the design and integration of the media and technology systems into the architecture and infrastructure.

Responsible for considering how the specialist systems will be scoped, procured, managed, delivered and ultimately operated and maintained based on our knowledge of the resources available within a specific region.
Design Localisation
Having worked in and around all parts Asia since our inception, our team have an excellent knowledge of the reputable factories and distributors.

We work alongside the designer, to understand their creative intent and then match their hardware selections with locally manufactured or distributed product.

Where time allows, we will physically inspect each device type and verify that its performance matches the published data.
Project Management
Central to every project that we deliver, whether our scope is consultancy or integration, is a team of experienced project managers.

Whilst our technical managers take care of delivering the technical aspects of a project, our project managers are responsibile for liasion with our clients to ensure that each project is delivered in accordance with the project scope.
Delivering complex technical systems requires experienced, specialist contractors. Ptarmigan will clearly define where each scope of works starts and stops; dividing the works between international specialists and local general contractors in order to provide best value to the project.

Our ability to divide works into their constituent components, co-ordinate between the technology and general contractors is as a result of our thorough understanding of the minutiae of systems.
Vendor Management
Our project managers bring understanding and clarity to the process, ensuring that all vendors understand the project's objectives.

Our unrivalled experience of designing, installing, commissioning and programming a wide range of systems across Asia, equips us with the unique skills required to manage the pre and on site phases of technical projects.
Site Supervision
We provide specialist technical knowledge, on site to support clients or contractors during the installation phase of works. This approach allows our clients to use local contractors who have the manpower, but not the skills, necessary to install the AV systems.

Our technical managers work closely with the on site team to ensure that everything in installed in accordance with our shop drawings.
Programming & Commissioning
A project is ultimately brought to life through the commissioning and programming processes.

We have experienced lighting, media, audio and show control programmers who collaborate with the creative teams to realise the creative intent.